River Witch - Cheryl Burman 9th sept

Cheryl Burman's lyrical prose weaves a story of relatable characters with a strong inspiring lead. Secrets tumble out, giving pause for thought, allowing decisions to be re-examined leaving characters and readers questioning what will happen. The unexpected twists and turns are expertly handled. Each situation left me with a sense of understanding a little of the difficulties posed living in that period of history. Is Hester a witch? I will leave that for you to decide. I love Cheryl Burman's writing - maybe she cast a spell on me.


Cheryl Burman hails from Australia – an Adelaide girl originally before going off to university. She moved to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, UK via Switzerland and Surrey, in 2008. She’s glad she did. The Forest has inspired writers, including Tolkien, for generations. It’s still doing so.

Cheryl likes to switch focus from time to time so brands herself a multi-genre author, that is, she writes what she feels like. She began with fantasy for the middle graders (books the mums, dads, grannies etc also enjoy) moved to historical fiction with her novel Keepers, and her historical fantasy novel, River Witch will be released in September (Click on the image for more). You can find all her books here.

The greatest pleasure she receives from her writing is when people tell her: ‘I loved your book.’ It gets even better if they leave a review saying so!

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