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Leroy had wandered off on his own. He needed time to think. The responsibility of two younger siblings was familiar but now there were three and he never knew Lucy existed till recently.

Mario had made it clear that they all had equal shares, but Leroy was the one who had run the place side by side with Mario since he got his business degree.

Maria did the marketing as that was her degree.

Andre charmed everyone from supplier to camper, Leroy was unsure how American studies fitted the business model but given Andre had gone off travelling straight after it hadn’t been an issue.

He had no idea how Lucy would fit in business wise either.

All this business stuff and his father’s past being revealed not to mention his failing health gave Leroy a headache he couldn’t seem to shift.

So, he’d done what he did when this happened, he took to the hills.

The ground disappeared from under his feet. He was falling down a disused well. As he fell, he waited for water to hit him. When it did, he was relieved to find it wasn’t deep. There was no ladder, or any means of climbing out so he had to do the most unLeroy like thing and call for help.

He rang Andre but got no answer.

Maria’s went to voicemail.

His mum’s phone was engaged.

He couldn’t call his dad.

He had no other option. He called Lucy.


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