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‘Dad there’s loads we don’t know about you. This last couple of days has proved that.’

‘What did you want to know?’

‘How did you and mum meet?’

‘My Andre, ever the romantic.’ Mario put his hand on his heart.

‘It was someone’s birthday party and I asked her to dance. I was a bit of a clumsy oaf in those days. They’d been cleaning the floor and I fell over a bucket. She was so kind to me I knew she was the one.’

‘Do you have any regrets?’

‘We had loads of plans, loads of things we wanted to do.’

‘You had adventures. I’ve seen the photos.’

‘Yeah, we did. It didn’t make up for it though.’

‘Make up for what?’

‘My biggest regret is losing her.’

‘You didn’t, not really.’

‘I wasn’t faithful, the evidence is walking around outside. If you find the right one son, hold on and never let go. Your mum deserved better than me.’

‘She loves you or she wouldn’t be here.’

‘She’s a remarkable woman, a wise one too.’

‘You’re a bit of a wise one too.’

‘Took me longer than it should have to see what I had.’ Mario got hold of Andre’s hands. ‘Look after her for me.’

‘I will dad promise.’


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