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Prompt - use these three words: Silky Interrupting Surprise

‘Am I interrupting?’ Holly put her head round the door.

‘I’m just prepping for the surprise party. I’ve got Josh taste testing canapes.’ Jan whipped the cream.

‘I was just wondering about your dress. I know you wanted me to look at it.’

‘Yes, it’s a bit long, I don’t want to fall over with the birthday cake.’

‘When Andrew sees you in that dress, he will be the one falling over, you look gorgeous in it.’

Jan blushed. ‘Give me five minutes to finish this and I’ll go get it.’


The banners were up, the tables set, the food ready to go. The guests hidden.

Andrew walked in to cries of ‘Surprise.’

His eyes scanned the room. Then he saw Jan on their son Josh’s arm in a long silky purple dress. He promptly fainted.

Holly ran to help him.

‘You said he’d fall over.’ Jan hit her sister’s arm.

‘I didn’t mean literally.’

‘Don’t you find it romantic that after all these years I can still fall for you?’ Andrew said from the floor.

‘You pulling a stunt?’ Jan tapped his foot with her shoe.

‘So what if I am? Not every fifty-year-old man has such a gorgeous wife with a Michelin star.’

‘Get up you old devil and dance with me before I see who I can pull.’

‘Yes, Ma’am. Good stunt though eh?’

‘You did get me good.’

‘Do I get a reward?’

‘I’m sure I’ll think of something.’


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