PRIDE by Sharon Pilkington

Updated: Feb 26

This week I went home to Manchester and was struck again by the acceptance and joy in the difference of others that you see there. I got the feeling that if someone walked through the Arndale stark naked, not only would people not bat an eyelid but someone would stop them to tell them how wonderful their skin looked. It made me think it this month of Pride how much we have grown and developed as a species in terms of acceptance of those different from ourselves. Not just in terms of gender and sexuality, but race, age and beliefs. I know there are issues and pockets of hate but these are not the norm. The following is in tribute to the coming generation and my own up bringing by a wonderfully accepting family who even now rejoice in the diversity of life.


I rejoice in my PRIDE.

Wrong you may say.

Let me explain,

So you see it my way.

The source of my PRIDE,

Began close to home.

With a family who let,

My way be my own.

They never saw difference.

They never spread fear.

They shared their compassion,

And drew others near.

The source of my PRIDE,

My children now show.

I’m sorry to say,

PRIDE continues to grow.

My Daughter at five,

Who could not see colour.

We had to explain,

People hating each other.

My sons’ explanation,

Of what he was to be,

“I don’t see boys, don’t see girls.

I see people like me.”

And my Aunt?

“He was always too pretty,

for just girls.”, she replied,

Ever witty.

The source of my PRIDE

Develops anew.

I see a new way in people like you.

The next generation show this is true.

Never again must hate rule the day.

Have PRIDE in yourself leading the way.


Sharon Pilkington is a poet, teacher and student currently studying for an MA with the Open University. She was fated to be a teacher and loves watching the dawn break on children's faces when they get it. She is a cook because she adores food and people (If you cook it they will come!) and a walker because it is the best physical and mental exercise. She has 2 grown up children (so they claim) and 2 adolescent rats both girls who are throwing teenage strops. She has a dream of getting a PHD so she can make her brothers call her Dr. Revenge for all the times they called her Barone (the evil villain toad in Danger Mouse). She has had poetry published in The Gift.


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