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One small child

The shed was always thought to be creepy. Coming down Conway Hill meant either going into town or into the woods. There was a path that led only a short way in and that was the one Faye and Ethan often took when they didn’t have her car.

It was a romantic notion getting married on Conway Hill, then heading into town for a party. This was where they often came to discuss their plans, so it seemed natural to finalise everything between themselves there.

They were meandering down when they saw a girl alone in the woods running.


‘What’s the matter?’ The child flung herself at Ethan.

‘He’s coming?’


‘The man who took me?’

Faye had her phone out before the girl had finished speaking.

Ethan wrapped the shaking girl in his jacket hugging her to warm her.


‘Get off her. She’s mine.’

A man with a shotgun approached them.

‘Worth good money, pretty thing like that.’

‘She’s a child not a thing.’ Faye moved between them.

‘They like them innocent, pure.’

The man tried to knock Faye out of the way with his gun.

‘Sir you can tell us all about it at the station.’

The police cuffed him and put him in the car.’

‘Best get the child to the hospital get her checked out. I’ll get the parents to meet us there. You coming?’

‘Please.’ The child looked at Faye and Ethan.

‘Yes of course.’ They said together.


‘You know that year off we were planning?’ Faye’s fingers curled round Ethan’s.


‘I think we can help out here just as well as anywhere.’

‘It’s definitely worth exploring.’

‘That kid’s eyes, she trusted you, the shelter are always looking for people.’

‘You’ve signed us up, haven’t you?’

Faye kissed him.

‘I knew you’d understand.’


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