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There was a knock at the door.

‘He doesn’t want to see you.’ Andre blocked the door.

Valentina pushed him out of the way. Andre blocked the bedroom door.

‘He can tell me that himself, I bet she’s here, the perfect Gabriella.'

‘My mother is with him yes.’

‘So, I’m to be cast to the streets then, am I?’

‘It is his house.’

‘And I am what nothing? How dare you look down your nose at me like that.’

‘You were only with him a few months, you left when he got sick.’

‘I don’t do well with sick people.’

‘So why are you here?’

‘Andre let the damn woman in. I’ll deal with her myself.’

‘You heard your father.’

Andre opened the door.

‘Best you leave.’ Valentina pulled at Gabriella’s arm.

‘She’s staying’ Mario pulled Gabriella back down. ‘How much do you want?’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘Name your price, Andre will pay you and I can die in peace.’

‘I don’t want your money.’

‘What do you want?’

‘You said once you would buy me a house but this will do nicely.’

‘This house is for my children. If that is all, goodbye.’

Andre came in and handed her a cheque.

‘That’s all your getting. Leave us all in peace.’

‘Double and you’ve got a deal.’

‘Ok, I haven’t the strength to argue.’ He changed the cheque and handed it back. ‘Double now go.’

Valentina kissed Andre’s cheek.

‘Should have gone for the son, it might have been fun.’

‘If you don’t get out of here…’ he shoved her towards the door.

‘Ok I’m going.’

She left the house slamming the door behind her.


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