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Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The whole family had been cursed since Matilda turned up. Ok it might have been a little unreasonable to expect her to get lost forever with £500 and a packet of wine gums but you would expect her to manage for more than a fortnight when she was taking Sean with her.

He’d told everyone he was minted so we wondered why was she back on the doorstep already and how had she found us? We scarpered as soon as she left our sight, and we left no forwarding address.

It seemed Sean had earned his money is less legitimate circumstances and was now being chased across the country by the local Godmother.

Matilda had tried to flirt their way to France but had been found in the ferry toilets by a lorry driver who had returned them to sender. Sean had used his connections to track us down to get rid of the liability of Matilda. He was on his way to France at the grateful lorry driver’s expense. A little Matilda goes a long way. As her family we had to take her in.

Then the Godmother came for us.


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