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If I were invisible ...

If I were invisible, I wonder what I’d do?

I would stand on rooftops so I could see the view

I’d wander through the park and push the children on the swings

If I were invisible, I could do all kinds of things.

I could stay out in the garden till its too dark to see,

and no-one could stop me and call me in for tea.

I would have no-one to tell me to put my things away,

I could leave my room messy and have lots of time to play.

I could run around for hours, go dancing in the rain,

Stay up till I felt sleepy, and no-one could complain.

Watch everybody’s fireworks and live on chocolate bars,

Lie down in the tall grass and look at all the stars.

I could make buildings with my Lego and not have to take them down,

Go on buses on my own, and travel round the town.

I could go on roller coasters, go swimming in the pool,

Wear anything I wanted, I’d never go to school.

I could be really noisy, play my music very loud,

shout at football matches and get lost in the crowd.

I could go to loads of parties and never take a shower,

I think that I would love it, imagine all that power!

If I were invisible someone nobody could see,

Would I really find it special? Would it feel like I was free?

Would I miss my family? Would I miss my friends?

What would it really be like if being invisible never ends?

Copyright © 2023 Lily Lawson

Photo by cottonbro studio:


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