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Heading for trouble

Giovanna yelled and punched and kicked the barn door.

‘Let me out!’

Leroy and Andre doing their nightly checks heard the racket and went to investigate.

‘Wait till I get hold of her.’ Giovanna struggled in Leroy’s arms having ran full throttle into him.

‘Who?’ he tried to restrain her as Andre locked the barn.

‘Your bloody mother that’s who. Locking me up like a criminal.’

‘Well, you did have an affair with her husband.’

Andre dodged the flailing limbs.

‘That was twenty years ago, she must be over that by now.’

‘The evidence suggest otherwise and there is a nineteen year old human here as a result of it.’

‘Gabriella adores Lucy.’

‘Lucy is not the problem.’

‘What’s the problem then?’

Andre took over as Leroy wandered off.

‘What’s his problem? What is it with you Capaldi’s? ‘

‘Maybe we don’t take it very well when our auntie has our father’s baby and it takes nearly twenty years for anyone to tell us and we only find out because he’s dying.’

‘I still say your mother can hold a grudge.’

‘She found out yesterday for heaven’s sake.’

‘I’m going to have this out with Mario. Dying man or no.’

‘I’m not going to stop you. Just don’t kill him, ok?’

‘At this point I can only think of one way to do that and I’m not sure it would work.’

‘I’m not going to ask.’

‘Your father was the best I’ve ever had.’

‘I’d rather not talk about that thank you.’

‘Bet you take after him.’

‘Just go if you’re going.’


Gabriella was sat with Mario as Giovanna stormed in.

‘Surprised to see me sis?’

‘Who let you out?’

‘Those charming boys of yours. Bet they’re not short of company.'

‘Neither are you I bet.’

‘A lady never tells.’

‘You’re no lady.’

Giovanna pulled Gabriella to her feet.

‘Ok let’s do this.’

‘You’re on.’

‘That’s enough.’ Mario kicked their legs.

‘It’s ok Casanova we’re taking this outside. Let’s see if your wife’s black belt is real.’

‘Oh, it’s real enough.’ Gabriella shoved Giovanna out the door.

Mario text 999 in the group chat.

They couldn't be allowed to fight. He had to think of a way to stop it.


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