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Giovanna’s daughter

‘What was it like having Giovanna as a mother growing up?’

Maria led Lucy round the estate.

Lucy laughed.

‘An experience huh?’

‘She can be a bit much I know but she loves me.’

‘She seems a bit selfish to me. What sort of person has an affair with their brother-in-law?’ Maria opened the gate to the deserted campsite. ‘I asked mum about her, and she said she was like that growing up taking whatever she wanted especially if it belonged to her.’

‘Yes, that’s kind of how she rolls. She has a great imagination though.’

‘My mum paints and takes photos. Maybe they share creative genes.’

Maria led Lucy to a bench.

‘She used to make up stories. I can remember this one about his old man, the way she described him reminded me of Santa but this is my mother so it got dramatic…’

‘Do you remember it?’

‘Not much. He lived in a cave. He was huge like some kind of monster but wise. This girl went to see him for advice, the town being in trouble kind of thing … she had loads of them. If she hadn’t been so lazy, she might have written them down and published them.’

‘She still might.’

‘You’ve met my mother; do you really think that’s going to happen?’

‘You have a point, maybe not, good idea though.’


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