First night alone

9.30pm. The store closes at 10pm. Jack’s covered in the last of the formula and the car won’t start. Ava’s been screaming for what seems like forever, so Jack rings a taxi.

“It’ll be 15 minutes.”

Ava continues screaming.

“Oooh, I’ll tell them to rush.”

Jack paces, hugging Ava.

The taxi arrives at the store at 9.55pm. Jack scoops Ava into his arms and runs to get formula.


Mandy comes home at 11pm and Ava’s asleep.

“Any problems Jack?”

“Nothing to report.”

“Might go out more often.” Mandy smiles.

Mandy goes upstairs.

Jack slumps on the sofa.

Copyright © 2021 Lily Lawson


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