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‘Yesterday must have been overwhelming for you.’

Maria gave Lucy her breakfast.

‘It was a lot.’ She sipped her tea. ‘Mum told me about all of you but it wasn’t till Andre rang her that she told me Mario was my father.’

Maria shifted in her seat.

‘All she ever told me was she had an affair, couldn’t be with my father and had to leave the country.’ Lucy made a neat pile of her crockery on the table. ‘She spoke well of him.’

Maria bit her toast.

‘It wasn’t love; I knew that.’ She picked up her things and headed to the sink. ‘My mother was just being my mother taking what she wanted, he didn’t stand a chance, she’d be in there all over him trying to get him to change his will if there wasn’t so many people around.’

‘Well, it is what it is.’ Maria joined Lucy in the kitchen. ‘I have a sister and she needs to see the place she has a quarter share in.’

‘I’d like to see everything, but it belongs to you and your brothers when your father passes.’

‘He’s your father too, it’s only right its split 4 ways.’

‘Your brothers may not see it like that.’

‘Don’t worry, they do. Come on I’ll give you the guided tour.’


‘Do we have to do this now? Can it not wait till morning?’ Giovanna rubbed her arms.

‘Stop whinging. You said you wanted to see everything; this is the last barn.’

Gabriella took the rusty key from her pocket. She felt for the lock in the dark. The door creaked open.

‘Ok I’ve seen your barn. Can we go back to the house?’

‘When we’ve had a look round. Interesting places barns…’

Giovanna walked to the back of the barn.

‘Ok lets get this over with.’

Gabriella made for the door.

Giovanna followed her.

‘Not so fast sister dear. You’ll be all nice and cosy in here tonight. I’ve made you up a nice bed and left you some supplies. You can go home tomorrow.’

‘Lucy and I will be out of here first thing don’t you worry about that.’

‘Lucy is a grown woman, she can make up her own mind and she wants to stay here with us for a while. Giovanna stamped her feet and grabbed at her sister. ‘I’m sure she will visit you. To be clear you are not to come here.’

Gabriella pushed her off. ‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I am a black belt after all.’

Giovanna made a lunge for the door.

Gabriella moved her out of the way and left the barn locking the door behind her.


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