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Clapping Field Energy

‘Come on people, get the energy up in here, lets gets jumping and clapping before we run round this field.’

Michelle and Vicki followed Ryan’s lead with less enthusiasm than the man himself.

‘Who’s idea was this again?’ Michelle stopped to refasten her laces.

‘You were the one that wanted to knock them dead on the beach.’ Vicki stretched her legs.

‘Well West Beach does have the hunkiest lifeguards in the state and this body would like to get up close and personal with one of them.’

‘And why am I here?’

‘I need a wing woman and she has to look as hot as me to ensure I get maximum attention.’

Vicki punched her friend on the arm. ‘Oh I see, so it doesn’t matter about my love life?’

‘We both know Ryan’s pining for you, he can’t take his eyes off you.’

‘He’s just doing his job.’ Vicki blushed

‘Really? I don’t see anyone else getting as much of his attention as you do.’

‘Maybe he thinks I need help.’

‘Please, you could teach this class if you got your qualifications.’ Michelle rolled her eyes.

‘I’ll think about it.’ Vicki smiled


Ryan did some stretches and lead the group into the field.

‘Hey how you two doing? Ready for a run?’

Michelle and Vicki lined up.

‘Aye aye captain.’ They said in unison.

‘Vicki, I wondered if you wanted a chat about getting your qualifications, they are looking for trainers here and I told them about you.’

‘Thanks Ryan that’d be great. It’s kind of you to do that.’

‘No worries, say in an hour or so? Thought we might catch the early bird special at the pub.’

‘Sure, I’ve got to eat and it’s a great menu.’


Michelle got into the passenger seat for the drive home.

‘A date, eh?

‘It’s just a meal and a chat.’

‘Seems date like to me.’

‘Give over, he’s just being nice.’

‘What are you going to wear?’

‘Thought I might wear that new top I bought the other day.’

‘Hmmm I see.’


‘You’re dressing to impress.’

‘Get out of my car so I can go home and get a shower and get ready.’

‘Let me know if Romeo makes a move.’

‘Maybe Juliet will.’

‘I knew you were interested.’

‘ok you got me, I like him, but it might really just be about my qualifications, so I’m not getting my hopes up.’

‘Call me tomorrow.’

‘I will. Now get lost.’

Michelle got out and Vicki drove home with a smile on her face and a body full of nervous energy.


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