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Cat picture prompt

‘Never live with a writer. She was up at 7, crashing about, waking me up again. I got a bit of quiet and had a snooze. She came back and stomped muddy footprints everywhere including my afternoon snooze spot. She better clean that up or she’ll be sorry. She filled my food and water bowls thank goodness, sometimes she forgets, and I have to find her in this jumble of a house and remind her of her priorities. There is a sneaky one under her writing desk, but I try to keep that for emergencies because there are often emergencies when she’s writing or reading. Us cats need our water too you know. When she’s writing I try and stay away if she does the shouting at screen thing. I can’t be doing with all that. She asks me a lot of questions I don’t know the answers to, I’m not the one writing the book, so how would I know? Far too much effort for my liking. She does this dance thing where she moves around with odd objects and looks in the mirror a lot. When he’s here, she gets him to join in, it’s not like anything I’ve seen before. She seems to be practicing how to kill him, he’s often on the floor, in some strange position, in my way and she starts asking him the questions. She hasn’t managed to kill him yet; he’s still talking to me as if I’m an idiot, unfortunately. He does feed me now and then or get me water, so I try to give him some attention. He forgets who’s in charge round here and has to be reminded occasionally. Sometimes they have the gall to shut me out of rooms. If I can be bothered, I make a fuss. If not, I spread out on the big bed or in front of the bathroom door. When she’s in a good mood that laptop thing is lovely and warm, and she can be quite comfy to explore. I can’t be doing with all this irregularity; I need my routine and them wandering around making a mess, getting in my way, is not on. She seems to need reminding I’m more important than he is, and certainly more than some face on a screen or all that writing nonsense. I will not be ignored.’


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