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Some books leave you with a lot of words to write. Some books leave you unsure how to do them justice. Read this in one sitting. I wanted more but to be honest it doesn't need it. I don't want to spoil this. I read it without reading the blurb because of the enthusiastic response of people who read it. Sometimes it's better to not know and just go with the flow. It's 46 pages, it's less than an hour. Something tells me it will stick around in my head for much longer than that. Take a chance, you won't regret it.

I invite you on a journey to places you have never been and maybe wouldn't choose to go. Leave behind improbability and rational thought and let yourself play. Just accept things as they are presented and have faith. Rue Sparks takes us to 13 places I have never been before. I didn't even know what speculative fiction was never mind read any. Magical realism is a recent discovery. This book has Rue Spark's name on it so I went for the "if you haven't read the genre but you have read the author" approach. This doesn't mean I can explain speculative fiction but given that this book deals with things that would be firmly in the I can't explain category I guess that fits. As writers we are taught to ask "what if?" and Rue certainly has done that. This book is amazing and inspiring. We are firmly in Rue's safe hands. Remember The Stars Will Guide Us Back.

Rue Sparks' creates a world and characters you can believe in. Wren has identifiable struggles, grief, loss, feeling excluded, wondering if someone can be trusted. As Wren attempts to resolve the mystery surrounding Aiden Turney's death, they discover things about themselves too. This is great writing with unusual elements. Bravo Rue. Jethro is my favourite but can they be trusted? I don't always go for the good guys. You will just have to read the book to find out.


A widow, disabled, and a member of the queer community, Rue Sparks traverses the equally harsh and cathartic landscape where trauma and healing align to create stories that burrow into the hearts and minds of their readers. In addition to The Stars Will Guide Us Back, Sparks has authored the novella Daylight Chasers, and the contemporary mystery novel The Fable of Wren. They are writing the web serial The Dragon Warden. They live in Noblesville, Indiana in the USA with their sweet senior support dog and still draw and paint when they’re physically able.


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