Book Reviews - R S Jonesee - Postscript Island Series

​At the beginning of this book I thought it was one thing and as I got further in I realised it wasn't. R.S.Jonesee made me reconsider what my first impressions of a book tell me, which is quite fitting given the contents of this book. It is in some senses an easy read but that didn't stop me rooting for the MC and wondering where tropical love might take them.

Heaton has it all including the girl, until the girl gets caught naked with an equally naked chef. Liz's fiancée decides that with a lottery win in the bank he wants a different life without her in it. They both arrive on Postscript Island in disguise looking to heal their broken hearts. They thwart each others intentions. When the disguises fall away they are left wondering if there is something real between them and if they can trust it. R.S.Jonesee excels at Romcom, with real characters. She knows love is by no means a simple thing.


Rebecca Sue Jonesee lives on a wooded forty acres with Mr. Jonesee and a Maine Coon cat named Walter in rural Indiana. She writes stories that tug on your heartstrings and make you laugh while rooting for the main characters. Whether you enjoy wholesome romance or steamy love stories, Rebecca has you covered. Recently she joined in on a romantic comedy boxed set featuring dozens of USA Today Bestsellers and award-winning authors. This PG13 assortment will give you months and months of fun! Or jump into a sexy romantic comedy series based on the fictional Postscript Island, where everyone scores a second chance. P.S. Resort is where the main action happens. Rebecca’s had tremendous fun researching sandy beaches, hunky lifeguards, over-the-water bungalows, and exotic fish swimming in the turquoise sea. (Just don’t fault her for being broke and utilizing Pinterest.) Check out her island board. Be sure to read her young adult psychological thriller (includes a sweet, teen romance), The Silent Daughter, on Amazon's new Vella.

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