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Updated: May 31

There was a lot for me to relate to in this book. I took my time to read it because it made me think. The brave honesty of the author touched me and made me reflect a little. There is a danger in life that we live on automatic pilot, sometimes we need to stop, look around and see where we go from here. Karen Honnor has taken big steps which from my perspective are paying off. This book will connect with a lot of people who will sit and nod just like me. Bravo Karen.

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Karen Honnor has always had a passion to write. Mostly, fitting poetry and script writing in around her day job in the past, now she has closed her classroom door and she has the freedom to focus on her writing, in whatever form it takes. Writing is a powerful way to make connections with others and to start a conversation.

She finds inspiration from my everyday and write with honesty and a touch of humour about the subjects that effect us all, building her self-confidence as she goes. Her books and blog continue to strike a chord with readers and she is learning and growing as she writes my way through midlife.

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