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Updated: Aug 27

There was a time when this sort of fiction was all I read. It started to become too predictable, I took a few risks, tried new stuff and never looked back. I was drawn to this book by the blurb. I decided to take a chance figuring an indie grown up with a prize winning history (in another genre with another name) might have something more to offer the genre than my previous reads and I wasn't wrong. Jane Harvey rolled into town with her collection of relatable characters and well written story and I got hooked. Stories that have a romantic element generally focus strongly on that and everything else falls into place once the people get together. This is a much more realistic story about people with a touch of romance in the mix. I love the unpredictably and the non stereotype characters. Sequel please Jane, maybe more than one, there are people in the cast I want to know more about. April's story could go a little further too I would say. Bravo for bringing more to the table than your average easy reading book. This is indeed a book for the thinking woman. I can see Harvey's books being on my must read list for some time to come.

Jane Harvey draws you into a story and makes you care about the characters, from the MC to the woman you never meet. Betty's story spans two time frames, switching deftly between them, telling the parts of the story of Hummingbird house and Betty herself. Both feel real and routed in their time.

I kept wanting more (after I read it, I went back and reread some parts). The issues in this book are dealt with sensitively and compassionately, when characters do 'judge', someone steps in. The author ensures other options are taken into consideration so that you feel when action is taken it is the right choice for the character or life intervenes. After reading The Landlord I wanted more Betty, thanks Jane Harvey, now I just want more about everyone.


Jane Harvey is a pen name. ‘Jane’ crafts fun fiction for the thinking woman (or person!), where she enjoys exploring unexpected friendships and writing happy endings.

This is lucky, because in real life her (prize-winning) fiction is a little bleaker.

She was born and raised on the island of Jersey, and lives with two males and a dog.


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