Book Reviews - J C Paulson - Blood and Dust.

This book has a very appropriate title. I have never read a western before. This was an excellent baptism. Paulson writes a great story with characters you care about. She drags you into her world and says look, see, listen. Blood and Dust deals with difficult issues with the sensitivity of touch we have come to expect from this writer. Whatever she's writing - I'm reading. Her six stars are well earned.


Joanne (J.C.) Paulson, a long-time journalist in Saskatoon, Canada, has been published in newspapers including The Star Phoenix, The Western Producer, the Saskatoon Express and a variety of magazines. Her unquiet brain requested a shift from fact to fiction four years ago, when she started writing mysteries based in Saskatchewan. Five have been independently published: Adam’s Witness, Broken Through, Fire Lake, Griffin’s Cure, and Two Hundred Bones, a novella. She has recently completed a historical fiction/western novel entitled Blood and Dust, published by Black Rose Writing, and a wee children’s book, Magic Mack and The Mischief-Makers.

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