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The fact I read this in a day is a testament to the author's ability to keep me turning the pages. I've never done that before with a novel but she had me so drawn into the story I had to finish it, I couldn't wait to see what happened. JC weaves her story round relatable people with real life issues. Grace in particular feels very real. Paulson makes you care about the characters and keeps you thinking. The author's attention to detail puts the reader firmly in the story. This could be a standalone book as it is a contained story, the series connection being the relationship between Adam and Grace. However, I can't see anyone who reads this not wanting to carry on and read the rest of the books in the series. I for one intend to read all of them. Six stars Paulson.

Paulson does not shy away from the difficult stuff in life. She knows how to keep the reader engaged. Every time I had to step away from this book I couldn't wait to get back to it. These are real flawed humans who make mistakes and errors of judgement. They have baggage, it's messy but it wouldn't be realistic otherwise. I found myself guessing who was responsible but the clever writing led me to the wrong conclusion more than once. JC has you rooting for all the characters not just the main ones. The settings feel so real too. I have other option but to give another 6 stars and start reading book 3.

This is the third book I have read from this series (I plan to read them all in order). Paulson just keeps coming up with the goods and sucking me in. I can see this as a TV series, my limited experience of adult mystery series being confined to that medium till now. These characters and settings come alive to me through the authors words. Paulson add another six stars to your collection. Very glad there's more to come.

As seems to be the case with Paulson's books I am reaching for my six stars AGAIN. Paulson's journalist skills are evident in her research and in her ability to understand what makes a great story. JC knows how to write page turners that I, for one, can't put down. She has me rooting for characters so much I was rooting for a minor character who wasn't even all that likeable.

Each of these books can stand alone, the information you need to know is contained within each book so, in theory, you can just read any one and not get lost as to what's going on. However, you don't want to do that - in fact I strongly advise against it. Read them all, from the beginning, in order. This is so far, for me a six star series and I can't see that changing no matter how many books there are.

It's hard to maintain a readers interest in a series - this is the longest adult one I have read. I have read them one after the other and not much else besides, which is itself unusual for someone who often has three books on the go. I love the threads running through combined with the individual stories in each book. You get a little more insight each time into Adam and Grace and there are no inconsistencies which can occur in a series. JC's research is as evident here as it is in the other books in the series. Paulson's 6 star status remains very much intact.


Joanne (J.C.) Paulson, a long-time journalist in Saskatoon, Canada, has been published in newspapers including The Star Phoenix, The Western Producer, the Saskatoon Express and a variety of magazines. Her unquiet brain requested a shift from fact to fiction four years ago, when she started writing mysteries based in Saskatchewan. Five have been independently published: Adam’s Witness, Broken Through, Fire Lake, Griffin’s Cure, and Two Hundred Bones, a novella. She has recently completed a historical fiction/western novel entitled Blood and Dust, published by Black Rose Writing, and a wee children’s book, Magic Mack and The Mischief-Makers.

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