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Steve is an unlikely hero who goes on his own journey taking the reader with him. Each character you meet, you are wondering if they can be trusted, each part of the story leaves you wondering what will happen next and wanting to know NOW. I couldn't put this down and I am little older than the YA readership it is aimed at. Very pleased there will be more as I still have questions. Fi Phillips has a wonderful imagination and really knows how to engage the reader. This is a real page turner. In short I loved it and I really want to know what happens next. Not sure how many books there are in the series but I know I am buying them all.

Our unlikely hero Steve Haven is back with his magical friends having adventures, meeting more characters that Fi Phillips is so good at creating. These books hang around in my head. I opened book 2 and the characters and the world popped out like it had been 5 minutes rather than 3 years.

The author's skill at dealing with this fantastical jigsaw makes excellent reading.


For many years Fi Phillips worked in an office environment until the arrival of her two children robbed her of her short term memory and sent her hurtling down a new, bumpy, creative path. She finds that getting the words down on paper is the best way to keep the creative muse out of her shower.

Fi lives in the wilds of North Wales with her family, earning a living as a copywriter, playwright and fantasy novelist.

Writing about magical possibilities is her passion.

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