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Ann Garcia's poetry is special, it tugs at your heart. It awakens the child within us. It reaches places in us we may not wish to acknowledge as grown ups. It speaks of a connection that few of us ever get to experience. We have been given the key to an enchanted forest accessed by poetry. Led by words, down a path of dreams, with nature's child leading the way. Being lost is part of the attraction, in this secret world we can access whenever we choose.

Love me like October illustrates what Ann Garcia does best poetry and photography. Ann is a sensual poet she paints images with words that remind us of the wonders of loving and being loved and how special it is. This book is almost poetic instruction or guidance for those to whom love does not come easily. It takes skill to write sensually well, Ann Garcia has that skill in abundance.


Ann Garcia has Ph.D. in psychology. Her creative writing, which is highly introspective and evocative, primarily explores nature, self, and love. She draws inspiration from waters and woodlands within the Great Lakes region of the USA and her life as a wife/artist/mother/scientist.

Ann is active within the poetry community on Instagram where she’s a member of The First Line Poets Project. Find her on Instagram @solaceinraindrops or in the nearest garden where she’s bound to be taking photos of blooms, bees, or slime mold while holding off two corgis and trying not to hear her kids yelling, “Mom!”


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