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Giovanna caught the first train to the town nearest to Mario’s house.

Mario lived out of town in a quirky house that could only be accessed by a bridge unless the river was low. The taxi driver unceremoniously dumped Giovanna and her baggage at the gate.

In the distance she could see four people at the window as she made her way up the driveway.


‘I should go help her.’ Andre went towards the door.

Gabriella got hold of his arm. ‘Tell her nothing, understand.’

Andre nodded.

‘There’s a lot maybe I should go too.’ Leroy made to follow his brother.

‘I’ll go and tell dad she’s here and sit with him while you two catch up.’ Maria left Gabriella alone.

The knots were back inside Gabriella, the ones only her sister could cause. Her insides were screaming at her to leave but she knew she had to face this and she’d promised Mario she wouldn’t leave him.


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