A Woman’s Place By Tracy Hutchinson

Tracy Hutchinson has an MA in Creative Writing having successfully gained a first -class honours in English Language. She cares for her disabled husband and 6 of her 8 children that are still at home, 3 of whom are on the autistic spectrum. Tracy reads and writes for escapism when the time allows. She belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, and has held many teaching and leadership roles within the organisation. She also helps to admin an OU Carers group on Facebook, and helps in the Write Club Society Committee. She has been published in various charity anthologies, under the Write Club banner, utilising her editing skills by assisting in their compilation. She has used those skills to compile two anthologies to raise funds for NHS Charities.

You can follow Tracy on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracyjh8

A woman has a duty

to be the best she can

to fulfil a multitude of tasks

within Our Father’s plan.

The selfless acts she undertakes

each day with all her heart

may seem to go unnoticed, unappreciated

but willingly she serves her part.

As she sits each evening, exhausted,

knowing her children are safe in bed

the pride she feels is righteous

and she thanks God they’ve all been fed.

A comfort for her husband;

An anchor and a friend.

She has to forget her own worries

with his aches and concerns to tend.

At times the pain she feels

Seems far too much to bear.

But she smiles sweetly through it

As she lives a life full of care.

Her family watches in wonder

This super-hero who is mother

As with the strength she possesses

she fights their demons giving bother.

When a child is born, so too is a mother.

Baby at her breast they make a perfect pair.

Born to be a teacher, a nurse, a cleaner,

a friend; so many hats to wear.

A moment of contemplation

Will show the woman’s place.

The beauty that is hers

is the joy reflected in her face.

A woman has a duty

to be the best she can.

To fulfil a multitude of tasks

within Our Father’s plan.

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