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A shock to the system

Amongst his mother's possessions, he found a number of books. This was not, at first, a great surprise. Charles’ mother was a reading addict. This collection was by someone called Diana Munroe. It was set aside from the rest and what attracted his attention was the cover. The image was one he knew well. It was the view from his grandparents back door. Elizabeth Perkins carried her camera everywhere and this particular scene had been captured countless times. A photo hung in her study.

According to the blurb Peter and Wendy were writers who helped various people along the way.

Charles opened a book at random.

"Wendy’s body lay waiting across his desk as Peter hurriedly found the fruit and ice cream she requested. Hunger filled his body, he longed to feast on the naked banquet."

‘Urgh’ he flapped his hands.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out latex gloves. His latex clad hands removed the offending books from the bookshelf and flung them on the table. Gathering them into a box, one opened and Charles was met with a photo of his mother.

His sister Judy found him on the floor and called an ambulance.


Charles was in recovery when she wheeled his mother in to see him.

‘Mother what on earth?’

‘I knew you should have told him. He might have enjoyed reading your books like I did.’

‘Judy your brother is not as open minded as you.’

‘You knew and never told me.’

Judy turned her back on him to hide her laugh.

‘I had to have a hobby, Charles. Besides your father enjoyed acting out the scenes with me, it did wonders for our sex life.’

‘Oh my God, Mother’

Judy’s shoulders shook.

‘Charles grow up, your father and I had a healthy sex life, its nothing to be ashamed of.'

‘But he died five years ago, and your last book was...’

‘Last year, yes. My friend Tom was most obliging in that department’

‘You’re too old for all that business.’

‘Charles a woman has needs, even at my age. We’re not all as buttoned up as you. No wonder you’re alone if the thought of people having sex does this to you’

The machines started bleeping and a nurse ran into the room. Charles was holding Elizabeth’s hand on one side and his Judy’s on the other when he died.

‘I’m sorry for your loss Mrs Perkins’

‘Oh, being dead will suit him, he was always such a stiff’


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