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When Giovanna told Mario she was pregnant he opened an account and made regular payments till Lucy was 18.

To avoid telling Gabriella about their affair he made the condition that Giovanna and Lucy could never return to the estate. Mario made it clear the payments would stop.

if Gabriella found out about Lucy’s paternity.

There was nothing left of the money except the bare minimum to keep the account open in case Giovanna managed to scrounge any more out of Mario.

It was a surprise that Lucy would inherit a quarter of the estate.


Mario sat up in bed with his family round him.

‘Gabriella my lawyer has some papers to sign so you can run the business and the charity, my shares become yours once they are signed.’

‘I thought you said the kids got everything.’

‘No, they get the estate and any money not in the business. You get the business and the charity.’

‘and Giovanna?’

‘Your sister will get nothing from me.’

Four heads nodded.

‘When Lucy comes occupy that sister of yours will you, I want to be alone when I meet my daughter.’

‘And what do you suggest? I can’t bear to be alone with that woman.’

‘You have a creative mind, I’m sure you will think of something.’

Mario bit his lip.

Gabriella laughed.

‘She might not like it….’

‘I thought that might be the case.’

‘You are such a bastard.’

‘So you keep telling me.’

‘Damn you I wish you weren’t so lovable with it.’

They all kissed him and left the room.


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