IF by Suzanne L Burn

Updated: Feb 26

He’s never said he loves me

but he still draws me in

like a moth to the flame,

irresistible attraction

courses through my veins.

Days, often weeks, can pass

without any reassurances

that we are friends.

But just one word leaves

me helpless again,

listening to voices of warning

in my head, but ignoring them.

Giving myself up to the question

what if?

Suzanne L. Burn 2021


Poet and Writer Suzanne L Burn lives in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. She is married with two grown-up sons one of whom is severely autistic. She graduated from the Open University in 2018 with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing and is currently studying towards an MA in Creative Writing. Suzanne has been published in Generations, Footsteps and Echoes, The Gift, 2020 Together, 2021 Still Together and most recently in Makarelle. She is busy writing and editing poetry and short stories with a view to publication. Her current project is a collaborative poetry project trying to create a novel using poetry with 6 other poets. Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/experimentalpoetryshorts/


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