These are poetry books I have read, loved and recommend

In alphabetical order

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This may say I'm finished but I suspect Jane Langan's words will draw me back. I have already read several of these poems twice or more. This is emotional stuff. It stays with you. It speaks of a life not easily lived. It also speaks of a survivor. Light hearted stuff here too. Some of the content is not easy to read given the subject matter but it is all relatable and well worth reading. I hope there will be more to come.


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Karen Honor has a way with words, be it poetically, or in blog format. She also makes you think. There's a lot to think about here. Like the community scarf Karen tells stories, weaving the trials of lockdown with musings on life. This is well worth reading and is indeed a collection of hope.


My Review

Karen Honnor has written the only poetry book I have read in the way I would read fiction. I couldn't put it down. It is rare for me to find a poet that I can really relate to. I don't have a favourite famous poet. The indie poets I have read seem more inclined to speak my language. Karen certainly does. This is the best poetry book I have read. Honest, relatable and I suspect something I will turn to again


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Ann Garcia's poetry is special, it tugs at your heart. It awakens the child within us. It reaches places in us we may not wish to acknowledge as grown ups. It speaks of a connection that few of us ever get to experience. We have been given the key to an enchanted forest accessed by poetry. Led by words, down a path of dreams, with nature's child leading the way. Being lost is part of the attraction, in this secret world we can access whenever we choose.


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Love me like October illustrates what Ann Garcia does best poetry and photography. Ann is a sensual poet she paints images with words that remind us of the wonders of loving and being loved and how special it is. This book is almost poetic instruction or guidance for those to whom love does not come easily. It takes skill to write sensually well, Ann Garcia has that skill in abundance.


My Review

A little trip down memory lane poetry style. Delve into nostalgia and recall the simple pleasures of life. Karen Honnor's latest collection goes quicker than your pocket money but you will want to savour it. Unlike your pick 'n' mix it will still be there waiting for you when you go back to sample it's delights again. Karen's relatable rhymes touch places few poets venture into. Perhaps that's why I am such a fan. Well done Mrs Honnor, keep them coming, I will keep reading them.