These are non fiction books I have read, loved and recommend

In alphabetical order

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My Review

There was a lot for me to relate to in this book. I took my time to read it because it made me think. The brave honesty of the author touched me and made me reflect a little. There is a danger in life that we live on automatic pilot, sometimes we need to stop, look around and see where we go from here. Karen Honnor has taken big steps which from my perspective are paying off. This book will connect with a lot of people who will sit and nod just like me. Bravo Karen.


My Review

My butty likes brevetting in this place called the Forest of Dean. What am I talking about? I am using Forest Dialect (I don't know much as you can see!) which I learned from reading this book. It's a very interesting book which takes you through from 9000 BC to the present day. Although it is written about the Forest of Dean a lot of the content would also apply to other parts of the country as it is, like all history, about people and their lives. This is a children's history of the Forest of Dean but aren't we all kids anyway? Just some of us have more experience than others. I think anyone would enjoy this colourful, easy to read, relatable book. Highly recommended.Translation in case you are interested - My butty (friend) likes brevetting (wandering about) the Forest of Dean.