I am a British/European poet and writer from the North East of England. I started writing at 11 and although there were gaps, I just kept going. 

I have self-published two poetry collections. My Father’s Daughter has poems referring to my Mam's dementia, the volunteer roles I had in the church and some of my experiences as I began to take my writing seriously. 'A Taste of What’s to Come' has a selection of poems which will be in future books if they haven’t been published already.

I have had poetry, short stories and creative non fiction published in anthologies and in The Hoot. Most recently I was published in Makarelle. Check Lily's Credits for more details. 

I intend to keep writing and trying to get published online and in anthologies. I will be releasing more poetry books and I have some other ideas too. 
I am currently studying for an Open Degree online with the Open University. I also love to read; check out Lily's Library for some of my favourite books. Other than that I love American TV, listening to music and hanging out on social media. 

If you ever lose me, you will find me hanging out with my friends in the #writingcommunity on Twitter, give me a shout, a follow or jump in the conversation, new friends are always welcome.

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